Saturday, May 3, 2008

A person person!

I met an interesting person to document today, possibly two. I already forgot her name (I am horrible with names ... I think her name starts with an S and has an R in it somewhere) but she's the owner of Origin Flowers on NE 15 and Alberta. She moved her business to the neighborhood from the Reed College area about five years ago. It was originally just a flower shop but soon started selling other items to give the store a little more variety, such as jewelry, cards, and some pottery. The other half of the store is a toy store which is actually managed by her 14-year-old son. This initially came about when he asked the question a few years ago, "when am I ever going to use these [math] skills in real life?" I didn't get the full scoop on it but he decides what to buy and in what quantity, etc. He does work there some days out of the week doing mostly accounting. This was very interesting to me and I think he would make a good documentee. I'm planning to meet with the owner this Wednesday after class. I'm still running over some documenting ideas which I will present when I've decided that they will be fun.

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